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dog person, semi-professional chicken wrangler

Kate J.

April, 2018 Bride

“The entire process was so personal, professional, and down to earth. She has a great sense of humor and she’s this tiny little force! She gets it done.”

Salty Language, Salty Bacon

I have been known to wade into lakes on wedding day, because that’s the way the light is amazing. I’ve been a semi-professional chicken wrangler, because the bride wanted to hold a chicken. I’ve dangled precariously off the back of a (sorta) speeding golf cart for the perfect I-was-there feeling. I’ve almost thrown up riding the ride just ahead of the couple for a cool angle. Book me and together we’ll climb things, ride things, pet things, eat ALL the things and make some one of a kind images along the way.

Things I Love: Coffee, the Muppets, cake, adventurous couples, donuts, swearing (just a little, mom! and I promise to keep it under wraps around your grandma!), bacon, family connections, donuts, dads that cry, cake, you crying when you see your images, sarcasm, communicating entirely by gif, beautiful paper products, rollercoasters, dogs, bacon cake (is that a thing?? it should be)…

Did I mention...?

• I heard you're moving to Bend, Oregon...

The secret is out! Ok, it was never much of a secret...But once my kids are out of school for the summer, we're planning an epic roadtrip across the country to move our family from Eastern Connecticut to Central Oregon.

In case you're counting, that's 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 dogs in an RV for 14 days...

• Are you offering any deals for Oregon weddings?

Heck yes. If you book by 8/1/20, I'm offering a $1000 credit toward the package of your choice for weddings taking place in Central Oregon in 2020 + 2021.

• That's insane...

I know.

• That's kind of an amazing deal...Why else should we book you?

Definitely book me because you like to eat and drink as much as I do...Trust me, I can plan an entire engagement session around your favorite brewery/food truck/breakfast spot.

• Umm, ok, we like to eat...Anything else?

Definitely book me because you want to have an adventure...Want to say your I do's while teetering off the edge of Mt. Bachelor or Three Sisters? I'm in.

• We like adventure! What else?

Definitely book me because you NEED someone to help you organize this wedding! I'm no planner, but I'm a master of timeline management and organization. Truth be told I'm a little scatterbrained in my own personal life, but when it comes to weddings, I am on.the.ball. Just ask my former clients.

• Whoa, we definitely need some of that...Anything else?

Definitely book me because you want to have fun...You'll spend more time with me on wedding day than almost anyone else. And there's a good chance I'll see you naked. So pick a photographer you want to laugh and joke and have so much fun with! And someone you don't mind seeing you in yer skivvies...

(that's me, btw...)